Is the clutter in your space overwhelming you and others?
Are you in need of a system to stay organized?
Are you not sure where to begin?
Do you wish you had someone with an empathetic ear to help you?
It’s okay, you are not alone!

People hire Professional Organizers for many reasons. Most often, people are looking for a change in their space and their lives and need another pair of hands, a fresh objective viewpoint, and a method to Just…Get…Started! Sometime it’s due to a life change, such as moving, family adjustments, or a lifestyle change.

Hi! I’m Lindsay!

Whatever your reason, 3e Organizing is here to help. I’m Lindsay, and I love creating solutions that work! I help people become and stay organized while using the “three E’s”: Energy, Empathy, and Empowerment. I work with busy women, men, and families in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area.

If you are struggling and just want to get some insight about what a Professional Organizer can do for you, please contact me! I would love the opportunity to discuss your organizing needs in a complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation. There is no commitment for anything further, just an opportunity to chat and see if my services sound like a good fit for you and your space.

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